Currently, my research interests focus on analysis and computation of the Partial Differential Equations(PDEs) arising from geophysics. For example, equations related to weather prediction and oceanography are the inviscid Primitive Equations(PEs) and the Shallow Water Equations(SWEs).

In addition, I am interested in stochastic differential equations(SDEs)/stochastic partial differential equations(SPDEs) which give us different points of view to understand what the world is. This approach also has been suspected that fluid equations with noise perturbation such as the stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations(SNSEs) and stochastic Euler Equations might be an important mathematical model for the turbulence of a fluid with a high Reynold number.

You can download my research statement for more information.

Projects with students

  1. Chih-Feng Lin (2012): In this project, we study the discontinuous Galerkin approximation for a Stefan-type problem in space dimension one. For both the semidiscrete and fully discrete schemes based on the symmetric interior penalty Galerkin method, the optimal orders of convergence in L^2-norm are derived via the Aubin-Nitsche lift technique. Numerical experiments are presented to confirm our theoretical results.
  2. Yu-Chen Chang
  3. Yu-Ming Chang
  4. Yun-Yin Lu
  5. Yen-Chao Chen
  6. Cobra Chen